Monday, 13 February 2017

Purr-fect.... Black cat love.

As far as crazy cat ladies go, I am definitely in the running to win that award... I collect black cats, and we currently have 4 fur babies... Skinny, Ninja Kitty, Zeusy and Obi... when I saw this new range I wont lie, I did a little imaginary fist pump, it was made for me!

Here is my first layout featuring our only girl kitty, Ninja. She gets her name because she is literally the most stealth-y-ist cat ever. She comes and goes as she pleases and you would never even know she is there. She not to most affectionate cat, having been rescued from under a neighbours house as stray at a few months of age. But she will come and give random night snuggles, and your know when she just needs some love... 

Ive used the 'Fur-ever Friends' Everyday Etc Cards as well as the 'Fur- Ever Friends' Filler cards as the bones of my layout, and utilised the 'Fur-ever Friends' Sticky Quotes as my matching embellishments.

Have you got your hands in this range yet?? 

Visit the shop HERE and get creating today...!!

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