Thursday, 18 May 2017

Zero F%*KS Given - Skai Mitchell

Hey Flutterby Fans... 

I'm an honest scrapper, and it no secret that I've been struggling the last few months personally... A marriage falling apart, a major change in jobs that has affected my children immensely, whacking on time to create... and just generally being a shitty person to everyone around me... 

My biggest downfall is the negative self talk... so I'm actively changing the chatter and dragging myself up and out of this rut.. 

The new range Xtreme Teen just screamed me, and while I have few layouts up my sleeve featuring my kiddos, this one is all me... 

Products Used:

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Love and Light 



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  1. Hi Skai. Sorry to hear you are facing so many challenges at the moment. I hope things get better. You are an awesome scrapbooker and I always enjoy seeing your work. Cheers. Carolyn