Wednesday, 28 February 2018


Hi everyone. Fiona here again with another project. I hope you are all getting time to create.

This time I wanted to use all of the scraps of 'We Run The World' Everyday Etc Filler Cards left over from my first project.

I started with cardboard from a packet of pasta. I wanted something that wasn't going to buckle. I then set about gluing the pieces of Everyday Etc Cards and stencilled tissue paper down. Again trying to use at least two pieces of the same pattern. 

Once finished I added small torn pieces of the 'We Run The World' kit washi tape. Finally I glued a couple of the  Mixed Media Circle Fussy Cuts towards the top of the card.

The next step was to draw an outline of a simple body over the collage using a black pen. I also painted white gesso inside the circles. After the gesso had dried I drew simple eyes, a nose and mouth. To finish the face I used  water colours. I worked more heavily with the some colours to give some dimension to the face. One face was left white.

I then covered the background with either watercolour or watered down Flutter Colour paint. 

Finally, I used a black stabilo all pencil to go over the lines of the body and around the head. I activated the pencil with a little water using a fine paint brush. 

I will use these as tip ins in my journals. 

Fiona :)

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