Thursday, 1 March 2018


Hi, it's Fiona again with my last project. I hope you enjoy it.

My starting point was the vintage photo and a fabric doiley I had in my stash.

First, I put a narrow border of two layers of white tissue paper followed by one of the 'We Run The World' Everyday Etc Filler Cards, white brick, around the photo. I then bordered the left side of the photo with a scrap of silk ribbon layered with some lace.

Wanting to add more colour, I used more Everyday Etc Cards on the top, bottom and right hand side of the photo. I went for torn, uneven edges to add more texture and to contrast with the straight edges of the photo.

At this stage I put the doiley underneath it, and using straight stitch, sewed it down with my sewing machine. If you were doing this it would be easier to sew each layer separately.

I then trimmed the doiley to a pleasing size. I added blue sari silk underneath the whole thing, letting it pop out from the edges and be seen through the details of the doiley. This was followed by some thin wadding. I then used the sewing machine to stitch around the edges of the doiley to attach the fabrics and wadding together.

At the top left hand corner I used stranded cotton to make three cross stitch crosses and some colonial knots.

At the bottom right hand corner I clustered a wheel wood veneer,  some words from 'We Run The World' Polaroid Frame, Page Tabs and Tropical Snippet Strips. These were attached with hand or machine stitching. I glued a Flair Button from WRTW Set 2 onto the wood veneer. Again, I sprinkled some hand stitched colonial knots and a cross around it.

Finally, I added a WRTW Page Tab to the right side of the photo. Again, I used the sewing machine to attach it to the project. I finished the piece by sewing some fabric to the back of the project to neater it and give it more support.

I decided to attach my hanging to a wire hanger so I can display it on a wall. It could easily be made into a page for an album or put into a journal. 

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my projects and they encourage you to use supplies in different ways.

Fiona :)

A huge thank you to Fiona for guest DT for
February with us xo

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