Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Live today in all CAPS | Krisy Podolak

Hi, It's Krisy back with my last share for this month.  I have returned to my old faithful collection - "No Excuses" well for inspiration this time.  Yes it's another progress layout.

The story behind this layout is I had been having pains in my wrists when lifting when my trainer suggested I try wrist supports.  A few days later his new stock arrived it and I got first choice of the patterns.  Just as the training said, "I bet this is the design I am going to get stuck with since everyone likes plain colours", I cried out "I want these ones!" We were holding up the same pair.  I wanted them because they matched my new Flutterby Stencil!  (Yep, Crazy Scrapbooker) It's ok, they're kind of used to it at the box. I am regularly covered in paint and taking photos of random things.

So here is my layout.

I kinda lost the stencil in the background but you can see the red and yellow Flutterby Paint matches the Bright Like a Diamond Stencil and the pattern on my wraps.  I also used the stencil as a stencil and traced it.  Brought me right back to the large collection of stencils I had as a kid.  I wish I had them now.

There is no process video this time as I started the layout on retreat and finished it when I got home.  I made quite a few changes to it along the way but I a really pleased with the way it turned out.  I added a whole heap of Snippets Strips around the place that sums up the story.  I used the NEW Live today in all CAPS wood veneer as my title and finished the layout with some tickets and a gold foil flair.

I'm currently working on a few different things and I can't wait to share them with you next month.

'til then - Happy making stuff

Krisy xx

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