Tuesday, 4 October 2016

"Hello BatDad" by Sharmaine Kruijver

Some say you shouldn't play favourites
But when it comes to Flutterby I think I will always know who I love best.
Flutterby Designs Wood Veneers and Flair Buttons will always be the standout for me.
So rather than fight it I went with my favourites and created this page.
My love of wood veneer comes from, I think, the fact it is so simple to alter.
A quick lick of paint, nail polish or sharpie pen
And you've customised it to suit any page.

Flair... oh how I love thee.
No clue why but I just love it!

Please tell me I am not alone in the adoration of these cute little things.

So what are your favourites??
Be brave and embrace them,
But shhh don't let the other scrappy supplies know.
They might get jealous!

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