Thursday, 26 May 2016

Just plain wonderful - By Lauren Hender

There are really two reasons here today why things are 'just plain wonderful' one of them is that I love my daughter and the memories I have of her falling asleep in my arms, and the other is that Flutterby Designs has just launched it's new web site featuring their new product ranges. Oh you have to check them out they are fabulous.
One product in particular I LOVE! Check out the stencil I have used in this layout! How absolutely cool is that!

Check out the new website HERE

Additional to the new stencil I have used in this layout Flutterby Designs - Flair, photo tabs and labels.

The flair I have used is customisable. I added some watercolor paint to match it to my background which has made a create little accent on my layout.

Hope my layout has inspired you to create.
Lauren xo

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