Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Awesome | Krisy Podolak

A quick simple share from me today.  Have I mentioned before that I love Flutterby Flairs.  It is for my love of flairs that saw me applying for the design team the second I saw it pop up on my Instagram Feed.  This layout is fairly simple if you take away the background.  It is all about the flairs.

The background is the result of a stencil I used for another project.  Rather than just rinsing it off, I just spritzed it with water and turned it over onto this piece of white cardstock.  It kind of looks like ripples on water so I thought it went will with this picture of my son and his level completion certificate from swimming lessons.  

I kept the embellishment fairly simple - some thread, blue gyprock tape, a paper straw, some punchinella and a bit of chipboard from in my stash.  Throw in some flair buttons and some tabs and Bobs Your Uncle.  It's all these little details that make layouts so awesome to look at.

There is a process video too if you want to see how simple the background it to create.  Check it out at Popleopod.

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