Wednesday, 23 March 2016

F&*K EXCUSES | Krisy Podolak WARNING: Explict Language

Today I am sharing my layout I created using the Fuck chipboard.  I am a lady with the mouth of a well educated sailor from way back although I have toned it down a billion times and the F bomb only comes out when I am around adults although there are some days I scream it in my head VERY LOUD.  This chipboard is me to a T.

I decided that I had to use it on a layout that captures a time when I use the word a lot in my head and that is while I am exercising.  I have had three children in three years, a hernia in my belly button that I had repaired last year and stomach muscles that have separated almost as much as Australia has from the European mainland.  I waited to get stuck into my excercise regime so that I didn't cause any further injury and this began for me back in October.  I started off walking for the first four weeks and slowly stepped it up to running 6.7kms every second day.  Running is not something I enjoy but it can be done when I get a chance and gets results.  I realised 3 months in, I hadn't taken any progress shots of myself.  I have started and stopped exercising many times before and always taken progress photos so that I could use them to motivate myself but this time I was too busy to think about it.  This was the first progress photo I took - It is me already down something like 8 kilos.  That is a big number but every single day I have that conversation in my head that tells me to give up, its too hard.  The results are starting to be visible and it is becoming easier.  I have also started Crossfit training and after the first month I can see the changes so FUCK the excuses.  JUST get your arse moving.  Results can only come if you are persistent.

Enough of my life story here is my layout....

I used the Fuck chipboard and the wake up and kick ass repeat and regret nothing flair.  I felt these were made for motivation.

Here are a few close ups.

It may look busy but this was a really simple layout to put together.  Especially because I used all the same collection of papers.

I have also put a process video on my YouTube Channel Popleopod so head over and check it out.  Let me know what you thinks - Thumbs up would be good and subscribe if you'd like to see more process videos.

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  1. Love this page!!! The colors and everything- perfect!! :-)