Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"Baby Finch" by Sharmaine Kruijver

 Give me life
Give me colour.

Patterns and colour are something I love
So it makes perfect sense to add both to a page!
It might seem chaotic but go with it.
So let me bring a little order to my creative chaos...
A touch of colour on this Flutterby Designs wood bit.
And lots of patterns with two stencils, I {heart} you and Got Letters?

Cutting some strips from Everyday Etc cards,
To add colour and pattern to the side of my page.
Some suitable flair and (my favourite) enamel dots for some more colour.

Adding a page tab seemed like a great idea
(in the chaos of my creation)


Sometimes the chaos of creativity just works.
So be creative and make chaos.


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