Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Just Like Me - A Scrapbooking Layout | Krisy Podolak

Hi Flutterby Lovelies,  
It's Krisy here and it's my turn to share a creation with you.  This is a scrapbooking layout inspired by one of the cards in the new Everyday Etc "Wild Bohemian" photo cards.

I used the card as inspiration for my mixed media background and then used the actual card a a matte for the photo.  This photo is one of my daughter eating cake batter.  This is one of my favourite things to do especially being an adult, no one can tell me not to.  Although my husband just about dry retches at the thought and my mum still tells me not to.  I printed the photo in black and white as the colours clashed with my background and I think it stands out so much more against the background.

There are many layers to the background.  I wanted it to look like the card with paint splatters and a mish mash of colours. It's all about building the layers on top of each other and having the patience for it to dry.  I also used the "Got Letters" Stencil to add extra details. The stencils in the Flutterbys store are fantastic to use and easy to clean. It takes a bit of patience but it turned out fantastic.

I finished the layout off with a few details...a flair button from the 149 set and then a cute little ticket that I made into a flag. I also forgot there is a tab thrown in there too,

I've also put together a process video so if you want to see how to build the layers yourself - head on over to my YouTube Channel - Popleopod and check out.

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