Friday, 30 September 2016

September Guest Designer - Anguree Jansen van Rensburg 'Don't Give Up Be Awesome'

Hello everyone, today is my last day on the Flutterby Blog and
I really enjoyed playing along this month. 
Today’s post is a little more close to home. In fact I really avoided this theme, despite the obvious theme of the NO EXCUSES - FILLER CARDS. I started running or more like jogging a few years ago. At first, I never thought I could do it, after all I’ve never participated in any sports except Hockey at school. Even then it was not like I ever played A-league or anything. However I had friends doing it and every Saturday we set out to do our 10km run and have a fruit smoothie at the markets after we are done. I became really good, for me that is. So in 2013 I run my best race ever. I finished the 12km in 1 hour  7 minutes and 29 seconds. I was over the moon. I had dreams of doing a half marathon, but then I got injured. Too much too fast… bummer. It took me a year before I really started running actively again and I did try other forms of exercise and strength training.  Trouble is I have never got back to that sort of dedication, so yes this is a personal reminder and my current motivation. A weekend ago I managed to do 8km on the Saturday again, so we are getting there, slowly but surely. Not as fast as I wanted it, but
my shorter distances have improved in time, so it’s progress.    


I started this layout just making random patterns with the paint onto the black cardstock.  I don’t have a specific pattern in mind when I start, I just drizzle the paint on and try to stay on the left of the page, if that’s where I’d like to put my photo. 

I punched out coordinating circles from the filler cards and started to arrange them with little clusters of embellishments. As you can see, I used another little tab from the pack and a leftover piece of card to partly matt my photo. I chose not to matt the whole photo as I liked the contrast with the black background.  Matching the photo colours, I used the purple alphabet stickers to add a little journaling to each embellishment cluster. You will see that I arranged it to form a visual triangle to lead the eyes across the page. Last but not least, I also added some purple enamel dots.

I hope you enjoyed this time with me and would like to thank every one of you who commented and came to visit the blog. I’d also like to say thank you to Anita, for this wonderful opportunity to play along.
Anguree xxx

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