Sunday, 18 May 2014


Ok so things may look a little different...
I have separated my personal blogging from the
Flutterby Designs blog.
So this is look Flutterby Designs BLOG!!

I'm really excited by this, as it gives
Flutterby Designs a more professional look
(without all my own bits on it LOL).

The Flutterby Designs blog is my old
blog address (handy thought I know)

And my personal blog's address is:
Which I have called 'Everyday Created'

I have created this AWESOME little blinkie
for any Flutterby fans to save off & put on
your own blogs!! So why not share the LOVE ox

Make sure you save BOTH blogs to your 
browser favourites, as we will continue to
keep inspiring you!!!

Thanks for stopping by Anita :)

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