Friday, 8 September 2017

Flawsome Planner Phanatic | Belinda Spencer

Hello Flutterby Peeps!

Belinda here today to share 'a week in the life of' in my planner. I managed to get my hands on the fabulous Flutterby Planner Phanatic Limited Edition Kit to decorate my planner and combined it with a little Flawsome too.

First of all I had to wait for a week when I was actually doing something fun!!

Here's a peek at the kit.

I chopped up some of the Flawsome Filler Photo Cards to decorate the headers, footers and in between the days.

I went crazy with all sorts of stickers and page tabs.

I added some stamping using planner stamps that I already had in my stash.

I had a bit of diluted Flutter Colour Paint left over from another project so I flicked that over the pages to tie it all together. The paper in my planner is not the best quality so it's best not to add too much water to it. Just a few flicks here and there didn't hurt it too much.

The wood veneer bits and pieces were just placed there for photo purposes only. I like to keep things pretty flat in my planner so it doesn't cause problems writing on the other side of the page.

I chopped up one of the cards from the Blank Palette Everyday Etc Photo Cards to add strips of arrows. Sometimes it's nice to break up all of the colour with a little black and white.

And there is my planner spread! The good news is I have heaps of that kit left to do several more planner spreads. I just need to wait for something else a little more interesting than my regular old boring life. LOL

Thanks for stopping by the blog! If you have the Planner Phanatic kit I would love to see what you did with it in your own planner. Make sure you share in the Flutterby Inspiration HQ Facebook group. 


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