Friday, 29 April 2016

April Guest Designer - Paula Perry 'Hello Love'

Paula is back with another creation using the 'Wild Bohemian' Everyday Etc card pack.
Loving all the movement in this layout!


Paula was drawn to the circular design of the wood veneer so she created lots of circles with the 'Wild Bohemian' photo's such a fun & vibrant pack, so she had to use some silly photos of her daughter to match. 

There's one more creation of Paula's to come - so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

HEARTBREAK - An Art Journal Page | Krisy Podolak

Art Journalling can be a way of keeping a diary if your not a writer.  I am not really a writer. I much prefer to "make" visual things.  If you've read Elizabeth Gilberts "Big Magic", you will know she talks about being creative as a range of different things but all "creative" things release something from the soul that may or may not appeal to everyone and more often than not won't. I have a feeling that the Art Journal page I am sharing today may be one of those things that divides us but I don't care.  Make of it what you like and feel free to leave me your thoughts I'd love to hear them.

This layout I have titled "Heartbreak"  I am fortunate enough not to have experienced this recently however I am sure at some point EVERYONE had had this feeling show up on their doorstep.  I have reconnected with an old friend recently who has recently experienced heart break but has found her new self amongst all the mess that it causes.  This page could be seen as a mess, it could be seen as creative or it could very well be seen as rubbish to some but that's what an Art Journal is all about.  Its thoughts, emotions and stories that you interpret and read your own way.  This is my interpretation of "Heartbreak" especially my dear friends.

Love is full of lumps and bumps.  It can be messy. And almost always after it ends its a freaking huge mess.  There is always good memories and bad associated with the whole process.  When you look back on it after you have had time to heal and you are happy again -  you are left with memories and feelings that are very different to what you experienced at the time.  You get stronger, you learn, you move one, you let go, you even  hate a little less or even a little more.  At the end of the day there is a lot that goes into love and ending it.

I wanted this page to be a reflection of that Love breakdown process.  First, I had to create love - for me this is a whole lot of layers.  To start I used home made texture paste (there will soon be a process video up on the Popleopod YouTube channel on how to make it) and torn book pages to create a life and story.  Then I added love over the top - Texture paste through the Flutterbys Heart stencil. That was my base finished. I then created the "Heartbreak" mess over the top.  I used the New Flutter Colour paint in Red and Orange both applied with a brush and drizzled straight from the bottle. This stuff is such a great consistancy and has great coverage in just one coat.

Over the top of the background I added some doodles with sharpie pen to represent all the realisations after the fact.  I added some black drawing ink to represent the darkness that threatens to take over and some Splatter of Gold Colour Shine to reflect the light at the end of the tunnel.  As this page is my interpretation of my darling friend, I added some glitter gold texture paste to one of the hearts...She has a heart of gold which I wanted to depict on my page.  I added the words - "Heartbreak: what is it exactly?"that I cut from a magazine.  Heartbreak can be interepreted differently as can my page.

That's it.  Thats my share for today.  What do you think?  Is it art? or just a Mess trying to pass as Art?

You can watch me put it together in a process video on my YouTube Channel Popleopod.  Don't forget to let me know what you think.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Introducing our April Guest Designer - Paula Perry 'Love This'

This lovely lady has always been a fantastic Flutterby supporter & I am
thrilled to introduce you to Paula :) 

Paula has created a few layouts, that I will be sharing over the next few days.
Her is a bit about her... 

"Hello, I'm Paula Perry from beautiful Sydney! I've been scrapping for too many years to remember, after being invited to a Creative Memories party by my sister in law. I've always loved photography & keeping memories, so this was a lovely way to combine the two. I've now been married to my gorgeous man for over 25 years & have 3 scarily grown up kids, who have always been my inspiration & reason for recording our lives. Apart from that, I really do love the creative process of scrapbooking, with my love of stencils, paint & mists, it's a much needed creative outlet for me. If you know my work, you'll know about my love of Flutterby Designs flairs, so I am absolutely thrilled to be joining as Guest Designer this month. The range just gets bigger & better all the time...thank you so much Anita!"


I've mixed paint with texture paste with my stencil, with the addition of paint it was more 'fluid' so did 'bleed' a bit, but I still love the 'messy' results. I so love these word stencils, they include such uplifting, inspirational perfect for all sorts of backgrounds.
 I also love the wood veneers which I've left plain, they simply look good untouched. 

 I also adore the design of 'Wild Bohemian' photo cards, leaving one of the cards whole to show off it's design, layering others under my photo.

Products Used:

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Wonder by Lauren Hender

Well all I can say is.... 
I LOVE the new FLUTTERBY PAINTS. The name flutter colour is even fabulous!
With a huge amount of paints on the market I wondered what could be different?.. Well this is what I discovered.
1. Vibrant colour
2. Quick drying
3. Smooth consistency
4. Colour remains the same even when watered down. 
These are some of the issues I've had with other paint ranges on the market but Flutter Colour has come out on top in all areas. 

I had a great time making this layout. I wasn't worried when spreading the paint that I would get an even consistent flow of paint and the results I loved. 

I challenge you to be brave with your flutter colour. I guarantee the results will be amazing. 

Happy Scrapping 
Lauren xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

"Organised Chaos" by Sharmaine Kruijver

First term of the school year has finished
And school holidays are half over.
Finally time to scrap a page about the first day of school!!
Flutterby Designs has the perfect flair for this occasion
And the perfect page tabs for our family!
I created a colour block background, using some of the "Stormy Grey" Flutterby Colour Paint
(Also a wonderful base for my journaling).
Then using the "Stargazed" stencil and some natural sand texture paste mixed with
 "Aquamarine Dream" Flutterby Colour Paint I added some stars.
The rest of the layout was just about adding more words.
I hope you are inspired to put your memories down on paper
And have fun creating.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Make Today Amazing by Kylie Cornish

A nice and simple layout.
Using only 4 Flutterby Design products you can still make a layout pop! 

Keeping the embellishments simple on this layout. 

Using the Every Day etc "Daily Record" Photo Cut Out as my title. 

Adding a background using Words of Wisdom Stencil  help breakup all the white. 

And there you have it a simple layout, that still makes a statement! 

Happy Creating!

Thursday, 14 April 2016

April shares with Anita Rodway

Hi hi!!
Anita here & I am back to share with you 2 layouts I have
created using the NEW Flutter Colour paints!!
I LUURRVE them so much :)


 Products I have used:
Everyday Etc cards 'One of Those Days'
Flutter Colour Paint - Rainbow Set
Enamel Dots
Wood veneer 'coffee cup'
Flair Button - set no. 290


Here's another one :)

 Products I have used:
Flutter Colour Paint - Rainbow Set
Enamel Dots
Wood veneer 'Heart Camera'
Flair Button - set no. 194
Assorted Page Tabs 

You can find all these goodies in the
Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, 11 April 2016

My Circus | Krisy Podolak

Life with three under four can be a bit Cray Cray at times and Neet from Flutterby Designs gets that (especially with two of her own) so a lot of her bits and bobs relate to how crazy things can be.  The new Everyday Etc cards have so many cards that relate to crazy family and they all speak to me.  I chose to use the one that reads, "Sometimes I look at my family and I remember they are my monkeys and this is my circus".  This photo of my daughter looking at me upside down shows silly kids can be.  She is just one of the Monkeys in my circus.

I created a crazy bright background by first spreading some black acrylic paint with an old rewards card then adding a layer of stars with Colour Blast colour paste in the colours - Sunshine, Apple of my Eye, Tangareen, Lilac and Deep Water through the Flutterby Designs Star Stencil.  When it was all dry I drizzled some of the NEW red Flutterby Designs paint straight from the bottle in a circle spatter.  This NEW paint is totally amazeballs and the packaging is so user friendly.  The bottles fit nicely in your hand and the hole in the lid is just the right size to allow the paint flow but not gush out.  I will be adding the whole rainbow of colours to my collection very shortly!

I cut up my Everyday Etc card into journal type strips to create by title.  I then used the little big top as part of my embellishment cluster with a wood veneer frame and a Charms Creations Neon Pink Star.  Above the photo I added some Tabs for a bit more detail and it looks like there may be a stack of photos to pull out using the tabs.

There is a process video that goes a long with this layout.  You can head over to Popleopod on YouTube to check it out.  Don't forget to subscribe to see more of my Flutterby Designs layouts.