Monday, 11 April 2016

My Circus | Krisy Podolak

Life with three under four can be a bit Cray Cray at times and Neet from Flutterby Designs gets that (especially with two of her own) so a lot of her bits and bobs relate to how crazy things can be.  The new Everyday Etc cards have so many cards that relate to crazy family and they all speak to me.  I chose to use the one that reads, "Sometimes I look at my family and I remember they are my monkeys and this is my circus".  This photo of my daughter looking at me upside down shows silly kids can be.  She is just one of the Monkeys in my circus.

I created a crazy bright background by first spreading some black acrylic paint with an old rewards card then adding a layer of stars with Colour Blast colour paste in the colours - Sunshine, Apple of my Eye, Tangareen, Lilac and Deep Water through the Flutterby Designs Star Stencil.  When it was all dry I drizzled some of the NEW red Flutterby Designs paint straight from the bottle in a circle spatter.  This NEW paint is totally amazeballs and the packaging is so user friendly.  The bottles fit nicely in your hand and the hole in the lid is just the right size to allow the paint flow but not gush out.  I will be adding the whole rainbow of colours to my collection very shortly!

I cut up my Everyday Etc card into journal type strips to create by title.  I then used the little big top as part of my embellishment cluster with a wood veneer frame and a Charms Creations Neon Pink Star.  Above the photo I added some Tabs for a bit more detail and it looks like there may be a stack of photos to pull out using the tabs.

There is a process video that goes a long with this layout.  You can head over to Popleopod on YouTube to check it out.  Don't forget to subscribe to see more of my Flutterby Designs layouts.

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