Thursday, 31 March 2016

'Hello You' by Anita Rodway

It's my turn back on the blog & I've got a got a
little layout that I adore. Much like with my usual style -
well let's say 99% of them LOL, it's minimal, but big bold colours. 
I LOVE creating my own backgrounds,
& I really don't use patterned paper much these days.
Once I am happy with where my background is at,
I hate to cover all that painty awesomeness
up with photos/paper/embellishments... 
Here is a layout I created using our new


Here are some close ups

I started with putting down some soft, but
subtle watercolour tones.

I then went in with a Flutterby Stencil 'I {heart} You'
& some glass bead gel medium. I added nothing else
to this, as I wanted it to add another dimention of texture,
but not to take away from the focal points.

Next I've 'dribbled' over & flicked on some
Flutter Colour paint & allowed it to dry.

I worked out how I wanted the layering of my
embellishments to be. I've used some

I put down 'nests' of black cotton thread to add
some interest. To finish off, I added a Flair Button
from set no.381 & Enamel Dots. I painted the wording
on the wood veneer, to make it 'pop' a little.
And in my true style - grabbed my trusty black pens,
to add some doodling & small details.

I LOOOOOOVE how much texture this layout has!!

Thanks so much for popping by & take a look :)

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Love and Forever by Lauren Hender

Hi Everyone!!

How fabulous is this new Flutterby Designs release! I love it's bold colours and great family phrases.
It's funny though that the layout I was inspired to create using this range is monochromatic.
I hope you like.

It's been six years since Daniel and I had this photo shoot and I still love creating with these photos. They take me back to how I was feeling and doing when I was 30.. and I have to say I miss those days lol.

Products Used: Flutterby Designs, American Crafts, Teresa Collins, Kaiser Crafts and Dylusions.

All Flutterby Designs flairs are to die for.
This TOGETHER one is just too cute!

Hope you are all getting a little creative this Easter long weekend.


Lauren xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

F&*K EXCUSES | Krisy Podolak WARNING: Explict Language

Today I am sharing my layout I created using the Fuck chipboard.  I am a lady with the mouth of a well educated sailor from way back although I have toned it down a billion times and the F bomb only comes out when I am around adults although there are some days I scream it in my head VERY LOUD.  This chipboard is me to a T.

I decided that I had to use it on a layout that captures a time when I use the word a lot in my head and that is while I am exercising.  I have had three children in three years, a hernia in my belly button that I had repaired last year and stomach muscles that have separated almost as much as Australia has from the European mainland.  I waited to get stuck into my excercise regime so that I didn't cause any further injury and this began for me back in October.  I started off walking for the first four weeks and slowly stepped it up to running 6.7kms every second day.  Running is not something I enjoy but it can be done when I get a chance and gets results.  I realised 3 months in, I hadn't taken any progress shots of myself.  I have started and stopped exercising many times before and always taken progress photos so that I could use them to motivate myself but this time I was too busy to think about it.  This was the first progress photo I took - It is me already down something like 8 kilos.  That is a big number but every single day I have that conversation in my head that tells me to give up, its too hard.  The results are starting to be visible and it is becoming easier.  I have also started Crossfit training and after the first month I can see the changes so FUCK the excuses.  JUST get your arse moving.  Results can only come if you are persistent.

Enough of my life story here is my layout....

I used the Fuck chipboard and the wake up and kick ass repeat and regret nothing flair.  I felt these were made for motivation.

Here are a few close ups.

It may look busy but this was a really simple layout to put together.  Especially because I used all the same collection of papers.

I have also put a process video on my YouTube Channel Popleopod so head over and check it out.  Let me know what you thinks - Thumbs up would be good and subscribe if you'd like to see more process videos.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

March Guest Designer - Amy Little 'Remember'

Please give a big welcome to our Guest Designer
for March, Amy Little!!
I love this girls energy, passion & determination.
She is a joy to be around & her love for creativity
is catching :) Thanks so much for guesting for us
this month lovely xo

Hi I'm Amy and am so excited and privileged to be a guest designer with Flutterby Designs. I have had a long time and probably indecent crush on Flutterby Designs  in which I am sure I am not alone. I love playing with cutfiles and paper layers to create new fun ways to document my life.

I am a zoo keeper of 2 mini boys and one big handsome boy who keep me nutty and happy ALL of the time. When I do get a moment I am crafting away or working at my local scrapbooking store.
I have just started teaching classes sharing my scrappy knowledge with those you love paper as much as I.


Products used:

Amy Tangerine Cardstock
Cutfile Created by Amy

I've got another creation to share from Amy 
later on...

Thursday, 17 March 2016

New Year by Kylie Cornish

Channelling my inner fellow DT artist Sharmaine Kruijver.
I completed my second layout for the month, I have always been inspired
 by her and her work.

New Year

Who's work inspires you and who do you sometime channel through on your own layouts??

Happy creating!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

"Baby Finch" by Sharmaine Kruijver

 Give me life
Give me colour.

Patterns and colour are something I love
So it makes perfect sense to add both to a page!
It might seem chaotic but go with it.
So let me bring a little order to my creative chaos...
A touch of colour on this Flutterby Designs wood bit.
And lots of patterns with two stencils, I {heart} you and Got Letters?

Cutting some strips from Everyday Etc cards,
To add colour and pattern to the side of my page.
Some suitable flair and (my favourite) enamel dots for some more colour.

Adding a page tab seemed like a great idea
(in the chaos of my creation)


Sometimes the chaos of creativity just works.
So be creative and make chaos.


Friday, 11 March 2016

Wonderful Little Moments | Krisy Podolak

Hi Flutterby Lovelies,

It's my turn to share on the blog today.  I've put together a mixed media Scrapbooking Layout channelling my inner Anita.  I have splashed around some thick acrylic paint and left it to dry over night.  I then layered everything over the top.

To allow me to use whatever colour scheme I liked, I printed the photos in black and white.  They still capture the moment but don't limit me.

I have used the Everyday Etc cards at mattes behind my main photo and to make a paper cluster.  To bring in the date I used the calendar cards from the Photo Cut outs collection and layered them into the paper cluster.

To highlight the smaller picture I used a wood veneer frame off set to create something a bit more visual.  I then used the wood veneer wonderful over the top to create the title "Wonderful Little Moments." Throw in some Flutterbys Flair, some enamel dots, Tabs and some circle fussy cuts and DONE.

I love that this layout is so fresh and fun and the photos although in black and white stand out and are the focus of the layout.

I have also put together a process video so make sure you head over to Popleopod channel on YouTube and Check it out.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

'Talk Nerdy To Me' Pocket Page Layout - by Anita Rodway

Hi there Flutterby lovers!!
I'm back & I wanted to share with you a bit of a spin to
use on your pocket page scrapbooking :)
Paints & mediums aren't JUST for scrapbooking/mixed media!!!

'Talk Nerdy To Me'
For this I have used the NEW Everyday Etc Cards 'Drama Queen' & other
embellishments from Flutterby Designs.
I've also used Colour Blast - Colour Paste over the corner
of a 6x4 photo. The only thing I would say is, if you're impatient
(like me LOL) & hate waiting for stuff to dry...
Just heat carefully with heatgun.
Lots of movement - don't heat one spot for too long ;)
I then flicked a bit of runny gesso over the top.


I love using Posca Paint Pens for all my journaling & doodling on my cards/photos

I grabbed my palette knife & used some more Colour Blast - Colour Paste
over this offcut of white cardstock, to use as a photo mat over the Everday Etc card.
I've finished it off with a wood veneer '#happy', Page Tab Cut-out No.145,
& there's something else on there that's coming soon ;)

For a bit more embellishing to a card, I've added a Flutterby
'flair button' (from set No.376)  with some black thread underneath
& a few Enamel dots to finish.

I've used more Colour Blast - Colour Paste again through
the Flutterby 'Words Of Wisdom' stencil. I like to give it a quick dry ASAP,
so that the medium tightens up for a crisp image & doesn't sort of relax
(hope that makes sense)
I also used Colour Blast - Colour Shimmer Spray, to flick bits onto the 6x4 card.

Behind the photos I have used an off cut of an Everday Etc Card &

Thanks for popping by

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

'The Memories Begin' by Lauren Hender

Hi Everyone!
I know this will sound funny but sometimes there
is just that one embellishment you fall in love with.
For me this whole layout was created around
this beautiful Flutterby flair.
Look at it! I love it and it's been sitting in my stash
for so long waiting for the perfect layout.
So instead of waiting I create made a layout perfect for it.

'The Memories Begin'

This layout highlights a photo taken at my engagement photo shoot. Daniel and I had a wonderful day capturing this and many other moments. Although this was several years ago I love to pull out old photos and enjoy putting a layout together remembering special moments.

I hope this layout inspires you to pull out that one embellishment you have been saving and create with it.