Thursday, 18 February 2016

#this is awesome by Kylie Cornish

Thanks to the Amazing Anita, who is writing up my
second blog post for the month as the
Cornish family are Internet-less and phone-less
for the God knows how long.....long story!!

I can share my sneak peek I posted the other
day on the Facebook Flutterby Design HQ site.
You finally get to see the whole thing! When ever I get my Flutterby stash out I always know I'm going to love the
layout I created! 

#this is awesome
 The one thing I love about Flutterby Designs is
the out of the box flair and the wood bits.

 Tell me where can you find flair that is perfect for
every moment in our lives. It can be as simple as a
catch phrase or even an image of and old cassette
that helps bring back good teenage memories.
 Then there is the wood bit! Oh how Devine are these! Fantastic for titles or a quote expressing how you feel about the image you have just scrapped.

So to top off an amazing night seeing a teenage
idol I now thanks to Flutterby have a layout to
treasure that moment!



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