Sunday, 1 May 2016

Everyday by Kylie Cornish

Happy May people!

I love capturing those rare family moments when we are all together. 
Being a family of 6 and also a family of working and socialising teenagers its not that often we are all together.
But thanks to the long Easter weekend last month we had that rare but special family time and took a day trip to 
Mt Field National Park. 

It started off with a funny and noisy 1 hour drive.

Then a 3 1/2 hour walk to see all the beautiful waterfalls and the amazing tall trees of our untouched forest. 

A picnic lunch to feed the starving troops. "Came with heaps of food and left with nothing but empty containers".

A game of " Chubby Bunny" with popcorn and laughter with tears.

A day filled with the most amazing memories, photo's to cherish
 and maybe a few aching feet, 

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Thanks for letting me share one of our rare all together family moments.
Happy creating!

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